The Regulations, Guides and Policies of the University address particular issues of administrative governance or discipline with regard to its quotidian operations. They are subordinate to the University’s Charter, and should also be interpreted in line with any syllabuses and academic schemas that may from time to time be approved by the Senate.

Charter and Regulations

Charter of the University
Preamble to the Regulations of the University
Regulation 1: Organisation of the University
Regulation 2: The Seal of the University
Regulation 3: Research Degrees
Appendix to Regulation 3: Guidelines for Dissertation and Thesis Preparation
Regulation 4: Research Degrees by Published Work, Degrees Ad Eundem
Regulation 5: Fellowship of the University
Regulation 6: Student Malpractice
Regulation 7: Collaboration with Other Institutions
Regulation 8: Grading System
Regulation 9: Academical Dress


Mentors’ Guide
Students’ Guide

Policy Documents

Student Charter
Quality Assurance
Media Policy
Privacy Policy
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