Regulation 7: Collaboration with Other Institutions

1. Extracts from the University’s Charter

I. Articles 9-12 inclusive of the University’s Charter make provision for forms of collaboration between the University and other institutions, to wit:

“9 To admit to any of the privileges of the University or to recognise for any purpose, and either in whole or in part, any University, College or Institution or the members or staff or students thereof, on such terms and conditions as may from time to time be prescribed by the University.

10 To enter into any agreement for the incorporation within the University of any other institution and for taking over its rights, property and liabilities and for any other purpose not repugnant to this Instrument.

11 To join with any other College, University or with any other public or private Body, Institution, Authority or Association having in view or promoting any purpose the same as or similar or related to any purpose of the University, or to appoint one or more representatives to act upon any such Body, Institution, Authority or Association, in either case for such purposes as may be agreed upon or as may be provided for or permitted by law, on such terms and conditions as may from time to time be prescribed by the University.

12 To form partnerships and contractual arrangements with other institutions worldwide for the joint award of qualifications, or so that such institutions may offer tuition and assessment towards qualifications awarded by the University.”

2. Procedures

II. The extent and terms of any collaboration with other institutions shall be determined by the Senate, who may appoint a committee to consider the matter.

III. For the purposes of any contract signifying collaboration, the signature of the Chancellor or his deputed authority together with the affixing of the University Seal shall be considered sufficient to convey the authority of the University.

IV. Any contract signifying collaboration may be limited by time or other conditions.