Partnerships with the Accademia Universitaria Internazionale

The Accademia Universitaria Internazionale was established in Italy in 1939 by the late Prince Hugo-José Tomassini Paternò, Head of the Tomasi-Leopardi (justinian-Heraclian) Imperial House. It was registered with the Ministry of Public Instruction and established partnerships with other educational institutions internationally. Today under Prince Ezra, the current Head of the Imperial House, the Accademia has established reciprocal relationships of partnership, accreditation and recognition with a number of our institutions and divisions.

Presentation of Honorary Doctorate

At a ceremony in Togo, Koffi Akakpo was presented with the honorary degree of Doctor of Theology of the Western Orthodox University by the University’s Togolese representative Dr Klousse Komlan John. Born in 1964, Dr Akakpo studied at the theological schools of Porto-Novo and Lomé where he was awarded the License and Superior Diploma in Theology. His career has included positions as General Secretary of Les Saints de Dieu Church, Principal Pastor of a spiritual recovery, intercession and rehabilitation Centre in Betania, and Co-ordinator of the Togolese Association for Religious Freedom Protection. In addition he has been a Peace Ambassador, Civism Trainer and Electoral Admonition Trainer.


Convocation in Ghana

A Convocation of the Western Orthodox University took place on 8 December 2017 in Ghana, organized in association with the Kingson Management and Health Institute. This event saw the presentation of earned and honorary degrees and several Fellowships of the University. The guests heard a recorded address by the Chancellor and Professor Aina Joseph Olusola Sunday was in charge of the ceremony.

The J.S.M. Ward Society is featured in “The Square” magazine

The J.S.M. Ward Society, a constituent society of the Apostolic Episcopal Church and a research centre of the University, has provided the cover feature of the June edition of The Square, the independent quarterly magazine for Freemasons. In his article, Warren D. Pilkington gives an introduction to the nature and aims of the Society and discusses both Ward’s life and his considerable involvement in Freemasonry.

The editor of The Square is Dr Mike Kearsley, who is a Professorial Fellow of the University.