Institutions that have been absorbed into the Western Orthodox University

Since its foundation in 1945, a number of institutions have been absorbed into the Western Orthodox University. Some have continued as research or associated centres of the University while others have ceased activity. The latter are listed below for reference.

European-American University
Founded in 2003 and admitting its first students in 2007, European-American University (EAU) was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Dominica and was awarded a Royal Charter of Incorporation from H.M. the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara (Uganda) as well as a further Royal Charter from H.R.H. Nana Obeng Wiabo V, Oshihene of Gomoa Akempim Traditional Area. The University also held accreditation from the former International States Parliament for Safety and Peace, an intergovernmental association with U.N. observer status. It established a strong presence in Africa and South-East Asia with multiple affiliated campuses. In December 2016, European-American University merged into the Western Orthodox University. Today, it functions as the sister university to the Western Orthodox University, under which more secular programmes of study are organized, with its degrees being awarded jointly under the Western Orthodox University’s Dominica incorporation and European-American University’s Bunyoro Royal Charter of Incorporation.

All Saints College, Dublin
Established in 2015 as an institution of the Apostolic Episcopal Church, the College was incorporated in the Republic of Ireland and accredited by the Anglican Association of Colleges and Schools. In December 2016, All Saints College merged into the Western Orthodox University.

The College of Liturgical Arts
The College of Liturgical Arts, a non-denominational learned society and examining body, was established in 2003 for the promotion, study and performance of all aspects of the Liturgical Arts. Through its membership the College aimed to celebrate the richness and diversity of liturgy in worship, to encourage liturgical excellence and to increase knowledge of the breadth of Western liturgical heritage and practice.

The Free College of the Divine Spirit
The founding statement of the Free College of the Divine Spirit described it as “an autonomous, non-denominational and affirming Learned Society of Fellows and Associates established for the encouragement of freedom of theological and liturgical thought and practical application.” The College awarded certificates in theology and philosophy. The Free College of the Divine Spirit in turn incorporated the Institute of Independent Funeral Ministers, the J.M. Lloyd Thomas Theological Society, the Society of Free Christian Liturgy and the Institute of Practical Ministry.

The London Academy of Professional Management
The London Academy of Professional Management (LAPM) was established as a professional sister association to Marquess College, London (see below), in 2005. Its objectives were to encourage the professional development of managers, to encourage good management practice, to encourage high standards and ethical practice for management and to assess and recognise management competencies. LAPM offered routes to certified membership based purely on experience and existing academic awards, recognising management achievement in many areas. It conferred the membership designations of Certified Management Professional (CMP) and Certified Senior Management Professional (CSMP).

Marquess College, London
Marquess College, London, was an independent, privately-owned and funded British corporate learning provider of further education and a division of Marquess Educational Consultants, Limited, an educational consultancy company. MCL was founded in 2005 from the incorporation of the other institutions mentioned above. It awarded certificate and diploma awards in several areas. MCL was registered with the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) and was also an associate member of the former British Learning Association, which promoted quality and best practice in open, flexible and distance forms of learning. Following a full institutional audit, MCL was awarded the IC9200 quality assurance certification by the International Charter, an independent British certification agency. In late 2006, MCL’s provision of theological seminary programs was transferred to St Simon’s College (part of The Liberal Rite), and its other activities ceased in preparation for the launch of European-American University.

St Simon’s College
St Simon’s College, the theological seminary of The Liberal Rite (subsequently absorbed into the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church), was absorbed into European-American University in March 2008. LCAC ordinands continued their formation via the programs offered by EAU.